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Wow, well...yesterday (or the day before) I went to the movies with Lori and Giovanni! The Fast and the Furious was a really good movie. :D After that we walked around trying to decide where to go. Lol, we WERE going to go to Chili's but there was a waiting list, so we just went to McDonald's :D There were lots of...interesting talks :P

So what have I been doing this summer? Well...
I'm taking English 1301 at LCC (There's a REALLY hot guy in my class <3)
I'm taking Spanish III in Summer School! Donah, Divi, & Bianca are in my class, so that's awesome :D
Um...what else? WARPED TOUR!
POTC2!!!!! OMG, I've been looking forward to that forever! eeee! :D

My nieces and nephew are here visiting, it's okay, they eat like crazy though! Celeste likes guys who look like animals. She was showing me all the guys she thinks are "hot" and they either look like birds, monkeys, turtles, toads, or fishes. And she says I have bad taste. Ch, whatever!

Monique is really hyper.

Isaiah is MEGA HYPER!

So, I'm kicked out of my room for now. That kind of sucks, but ooh well. Ummm...what else???

I'm working on 2 essays at the moment. But I don't feel like finishing them right now. So.....yeah... I'll finish them tomorrow. (like i have a choice.)

Ummm...yeah, that's about it...for now.

I'll try to post again when i have time.

♥ Gab!

I saw RENT last night! It's such a good movie <3
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