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Just so everyone knows I'm not dead.

So yes, I haven't posted in this thing in a looooooooong time. :) Well, minus the SUPER mini update a few days ago.

So what's been happening with me?

Umm...School...and guard...and yeah

School: Is alright, all of my classes are going really well, thank the lord that Dental is OVER! That class was hell. Umm...Marching Season is over. WOO! Now it's Winterguard all the way. :D I made A guard this year, so this should be TONS of fun. :D It's crazy that just one year ago, I was in New York. Funny how a lot can change in one year. Some of it I love, and some of it I DON'T!. But whatever, it all happens for one reason or another. I found out that I REALLY like Optometry. How weird, I hate anyone getting near my eyes, but it's all fun. But yes, this is just rambling, it's not like anyone reads my journal anyway, so whatever.

♥ gab!
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