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I'm totally warped.

So I woke up at 7 and got ready :) Kim came over, and we ate breakfast (lol). Yes, then we hit the road! Along the way, we were listening to this comedy station, omg, that was hilarious!
"What do you do when you want to make a work plural?"
"Umm...add an 's'."
"What's the rule? *waits* okay, never mind, Billy, what's the plural of Ox?
Billy: "Oxen!"
"Okay, now, what's the plural of box?"

OMFG that was hilarious! And then
If you or anyone you know is an alcoholic, call this number.
"So, I called...and it's a fucking Liquor store!"

omg, it was awesome.

Thennnnnn...we stopped at HEB to pick up film :)

So we get to the venue and I go with Kim to get her ticket (I'm so getting my ticket at the venue next year, it's only $30-something)
We then go inside and meet up with Marissa, Abigael, Lori, and Vicky lol. And they all get phone tattoos :)
Then we ran into Jessica, Annalee, and Kristina.
We spent forever looking for the Main Stage (I hated the set up.)
I couldn't get to the lower level for the longest time! Gosh.

BUT I finally got down there and met Lori, Abigael, Bogey, Beau, and Vicky lol
Ummm...we waited for Rise Against. Omg, I almost died. lol a crowd surfers' finger like...made it's way into my eye. (for a moment, i thought i LOST an eye) :P
But i waited for THURSDAY! it was amazing!
they played:
-for the workforce, drowning
-the other side of the crash
-understanding in a car crash
-at this velocity
-counting 5-4-3-2-1
-signals over the air
-jet black new year
it was very cool :)
So after that I headed over to their tent and saw that they were signing at 5:30, so I waited for a while (I'm soooooo glad I got there early, that line was HUGE!) and I met some people from Laredo...:S How odd, I've never seen them here, but I got to Selma and meet them :\ lol
But yes, that made my whole Warped Tour. I got pictures with them and all of their autographs :) I can now die happy :) Just 2 more people I would like to meet :D but yes :) I loved it.
So after that I headed out to see AFI, I wasn't close because that crowd was crazy.

But yes, I had fun :) I met my favorite band, and yeah
I'm totally star-struck

&&&&♥ Gab!
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