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2010 meets new ends [Monday
March 1st, 2010
So much has happened since i moved to austin. i love a lot of it, but some of it is distructive. it comes and goes, so let's see what else in in store for me.
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dead ends. [Saturday
August 15th, 2009
i'm moving to austin next week. goodbye laredo. goodbye "friends" i never talk to. goodbye awkward run-ins. hello new life. hello new people.


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a million days too late [Monday
May 11th, 2009

haha, this is going to sound so lame, but i googled "gab, lori, abigael, jessica" to see if anything from the good ol' days popped up...and well...i stumbled across my lj. =x

i haven't updated this thing in yeeeears...how sad.

anyways...uhm...this semester is over, and i'm really, REALLY happy about that ^^

i'm having health concerns, but...i don't want to get too worried too soon, 'cause then i'll just drive myself crazy with worry.

annnnd wow. so much has changed, and more changes keep on a-comin'!

let's see what happens <3

♥ellie! (my new, cuter nickname)
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So yes... [Wednesday
January 24th, 2007
I'm at Tamiu right now :) I'm waiting for my English 1302 class to start. Yay. So yeah, i'm all sleepy and I have a lot of homework too :\ that sucks, but ooh well, i think i can handle it.
I'm sitting next to Marla and Tomas, and Tomas is looking at Resident Evil stuff, and Marla is looking at...something...I don't really know what. So yeah, I'm not dead, and I'm all excited because after this, I have my Psychology class :) I love psychology <3 It's a fun class. I do kinda need to finish my work for it though.

Well, class is starting, so i'll write in a while <3

♥ gab!
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Frame by Frame [Sunday
December 31st, 2006
So good bye 2006, and hello 2007.
One more year....wow, one more. That's insane. I used to be so scared of the future, but after thinking about it, I welcome it. Sure this year had it's ups and downs, but that's what makes life interesting. I can't wait to add a whole new chapter to my life. Well, minus growing older. I've made some friends and I'm pretty sure I've lost some, but all in all, life is pretty good. So, here's to a whole new year. Here's to everything that's going to happen, let's embrace the bad days and tresure the good days. Let's make it interesting.

♥ gab!
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Just so everyone knows I'm not dead. [Wednesday
November 22nd, 2006
[ mood | contemplative ]

So yes, I haven't posted in this thing in a looooooooong time. :) Well, minus the SUPER mini update a few days ago.

So what's been happening with me?

Umm...School...and guard...and yeah

School: Is alright, all of my classes are going really well, thank the lord that Dental is OVER! That class was hell. Umm...Marching Season is over. WOO! Now it's Winterguard all the way. :D I made A guard this year, so this should be TONS of fun. :D It's crazy that just one year ago, I was in New York. Funny how a lot can change in one year. Some of it I love, and some of it I DON'T!. But whatever, it all happens for one reason or another. I found out that I REALLY like Optometry. How weird, I hate anyone getting near my eyes, but it's all fun. But yes, this is just rambling, it's not like anyone reads my journal anyway, so whatever.

♥ gab!

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November 19th, 2006
I love hanging out with friends. <3
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September 21st, 2006
Sometimes two kids want to fall in love so bad, so bad.
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August 19th, 2006
[ mood | anxious ]

Well...I may as well put my schedule up...I already got it fixed :D

okay, so.....here goes:

First Semester

First nine weeks:
AP Physics(A) Garcia
AP U.S. History(B) Garza
Colorguard Lopez
Dental Arambula! <3
Adv. Dental Salas

Second nine weeks:
AP Physics(A) Garcia
AP U.S. History(B) Garza
Colorguard Lopez
Rotations Vasquez
Rotations ""

Second Semester:

First (third) nine weeks:
AP Physics(A) Garcia
AP U.S. History(B) Garza
Winterguard Lopez
AP English Martinez
Pre-Calculus Chavez

Second (fourth) nine weeks:
AP Physics(A) Garcia
AP U.S. History(B) Garza
Comm. App. Mrs. Rose!
AP English Martinez
Pre-Calculus Chavez

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August 16th, 2006
Well......nothing big has happened to me all summer other than my doctor thinking i'm a liar --; but that's that.......and it's okay :) Woo! I get my schedule tomorrow :D

I want some tea.

♥ Gab!
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July 15th, 2006
I went to the mall today. I had a lot of fun, my computer is making me mad...I think i have a virus or something...

Yeah, that's about it.

♥ Gab
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I'm totally warped. [Monday
July 3rd, 2006
[ mood | ecstatic ]

So I woke up at 7 and got ready :) Kim came over, and we ate breakfast (lol). Yes, then we hit the road! Along the way, we were listening to this comedy station, omg, that was hilarious!
"What do you do when you want to make a work plural?"
"Umm...add an 's'."
"What's the rule? *waits* okay, never mind, Billy, what's the plural of Ox?
Billy: "Oxen!"
"Okay, now, what's the plural of box?"

OMFG that was hilarious! And then
If you or anyone you know is an alcoholic, call this number.
"So, I called...and it's a fucking Liquor store!"

omg, it was awesome.

Thennnnnn...we stopped at HEB to pick up film :)

So we get to the venue and I go with Kim to get her ticket (I'm so getting my ticket at the venue next year, it's only $30-something)
We then go inside and meet up with Marissa, Abigael, Lori, and Vicky lol. And they all get phone tattoos :)
Then we ran into Jessica, Annalee, and Kristina.
We spent forever looking for the Main Stage (I hated the set up.)
I couldn't get to the lower level for the longest time! Gosh.

BUT I finally got down there and met Lori, Abigael, Bogey, Beau, and Vicky lol
Ummm...we waited for Rise Against. Omg, I almost died. lol a crowd surfers' finger like...made it's way into my eye. (for a moment, i thought i LOST an eye) :P
But i waited for THURSDAY! it was amazing!
they played:
-for the workforce, drowning
-the other side of the crash
-understanding in a car crash
-at this velocity
-counting 5-4-3-2-1
-signals over the air
-jet black new year
it was very cool :)
So after that I headed over to their tent and saw that they were signing at 5:30, so I waited for a while (I'm soooooo glad I got there early, that line was HUGE!) and I met some people from Laredo...:S How odd, I've never seen them here, but I got to Selma and meet them :\ lol
But yes, that made my whole Warped Tour. I got pictures with them and all of their autographs :) I can now die happy :) Just 2 more people I would like to meet :D but yes :) I loved it.
So after that I headed out to see AFI, I wasn't close because that crowd was crazy.

But yes, I had fun :) I met my favorite band, and yeah
I'm totally star-struck

&&&&♥ Gab!

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It's like Christmas! [Sunday
June 18th, 2006
[ mood | ecstatic ]

OMG!!! How exciting! <3 Looks like I'm going to be watching a lot of T.V. this month <3 OOH! &&& A new season of PROJECT RUNWAY! :D:D:D:D

On the Set: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
Friday, June 23 2:50 AM
Monday, June 26 1:00 PM
Friday, June 30 2:40 PM
A behind-the-scenes look at “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest,” the 2006 action sequel starring Johnny Depp, Keira Knightley and Orlando Bloom.

Inside the Actors Studio
Sunday, June 25 10:00 AM
Johnny Depp discusses his life and career in an interview with host James Lipton.

True Hollywood Story
Sunday, June 25 6:00 PM
This profile of Johnny Depp chronicles his transformation into box-office superstar. Included: his early hopes of becoming a rock musician; his time on “21 Jump Street”; his eccentric movie roles; his relationships with Sherilyn Fenn, Jennifer Grey, Winona Ryder, Kate Moss and Vanessa Paradis; and his run-ins with paparazzi.

Live from the Red Carpet: Pirates of the Caribbean
Sunday, June 25 7:00 PM
Sunday, Jun 25 10:30 PM
Coverage of the “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest” premiere. The film stars Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom.

King of the Hill
Tuesday, June 27 6:30 PM
Wednesday, June 28 10:30 AM
Johnny Depp is the voice of the yogi Hank sees for his injured back; Marg Helgenberger is the claims adjuster who suspects Hank's faking. Phil Hendrie, Toby Huss, Stephen Root.

The Late Show with David Letterman
Thursday, June 29 11:35 PM

I'm not sure what channel this is, maybe I just don't get it where I live but I'll post it anyway
The 411
Thursday, June 29 8:00 PM
Thursday, June 29 11:00 PM
Friday, June 30 2:00 PM
TVGC (tv guide channel?)
Heidi Klum discusses “Project Runway”; Johnny Depp is interviewed about “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest.” Also: a look at “Rock Star: Supernova.”

All the Johnny on tv this month, it's like Christmas.

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June 18th, 2006
[ mood | indifferent ]

Wow, well...yesterday (or the day before) I went to the movies with Lori and Giovanni! The Fast and the Furious was a really good movie. :D After that we walked around trying to decide where to go. Lol, we WERE going to go to Chili's but there was a waiting list, so we just went to McDonald's :D There were lots of...interesting talks :P

So what have I been doing this summer? Well...
I'm taking English 1301 at LCC (There's a REALLY hot guy in my class <3)
I'm taking Spanish III in Summer School! Donah, Divi, & Bianca are in my class, so that's awesome :D
Um...what else? WARPED TOUR!
POTC2!!!!! OMG, I've been looking forward to that forever! eeee! :D

My nieces and nephew are here visiting us...eh, it's okay, they eat like crazy though! Celeste likes guys who look like animals. She was showing me all the guys she thinks are "hot" and they either look like birds, monkeys, turtles, toads, or fishes. And she says I have bad taste. Ch, whatever!

Monique is really hyper.

Isaiah is MEGA HYPER!

So, I'm kicked out of my room for now. That kind of sucks, but ooh well. Ummm...what else???

I'm working on 2 essays at the moment. But I don't feel like finishing them right now. So.....yeah... I'll finish them tomorrow. (like i have a choice.)

Ummm...yeah, that's about it...for now.

I'll try to post again when i have time.

♥ Gab!

I saw RENT last night! It's such a good movie <3

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May 20th, 2006
Banquet was AWESOME <333333333333333 I love being hyper :D

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May 14th, 2006
[ mood | uncomfortable ]

Okay, so time for that update.

I've been pretty out of it this week. It's been horrible.

I'm just feeling so.....not me, and I hate it.

I've let everything overrun me this week, and its just been terrible. I couldn't wait for the week to be over, and now that it's the weekend, I just find myself at home thinking of everything that's been bothering me. It's worse than it was 2 days ago, 'cause now I have some time to think it over. What's happening to me? I'm drained with no one to talk to, not like they would REALLY listen anyway.

</3 Gab.

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May 12th, 2006
So sleepy, thank God for the weekend.

**Note to self: Make a more detailed entry later.

<3 Gab!
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May 9th, 2006
[ mood | confused ]

Hi there,

Just thought I'd update, seeing as how I hardly ever do anymore.

Let's see...I'm tired, and I'm waiting for school to end.
Can't wait to travel the west side of the country :D
WARPED TOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<333333 Can't wait.

...thats about it :P lol, just kidding

No, I've been okay, just mega sleepy from everything. My grades are dropping eek! I need to bring my spanish grade up to AT LEAST a 95. 3 more points to go. heh. Yeah, so I'm freaking out about everything. And my sister thinks I'm going through a phase :S...really weird. This weekend was awesome :D I need to do stuff like that more often. Yeah, well that's all for now

<3 Gab!

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Yellow Birds & Coal Mines [Friday
April 28th, 2006
[ mood | happy ]

WELL, since Gab fails to update this, I took it upon myself to make an update.
Gab and I are lovers.

The End.
rofl, jk!
We did go to the mall today, though. ♥

------------Gab: YAY!!!!!!! It was a good day :D

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February 25th, 2006
[ mood | nerdy ]

I'm not dead, just so you know. Yeah, a lot has been happening, but i don't feel like posting much up at the moment.

My grades are good, i'm thankful for that :)
Last semester:
Anatomy- 98
Colorguard- 100
English- 100
World History 95
Chemistry 95

This semester (so far)
Algebra 2- 98
Winterguard- 100
Spanish 2- 95
World History- 97
Chemistry- 94

Yeah, hopefully that will bring my GPA up eep!
I need to relax, just a little bit

<3333333333333333333333333333 Gab

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